About John Kanelis

John Kanelis has been a career journalist who worked in print journalism for 36 years until the end of August 2012. His blog covers the entire range of issues, most of them serious, some of them not so serious.

He is an avid follower of current events and has no shortage of opinions about them to share with those who care to read them. You need not agree. John’s emphasis is on politics and public policy at the local, state and national levels.

But John’s been writing as well about the joy of impending retirement. Perhaps you’ll relate to it.

Don’t be afraid to comment, telling John when he’s spot on or when he’s, well, off the mark. Don’t worry, no offense will be taken — but all kudos will be welcomed.

John married the girl of his dreams, Kathy, in 1971. They produced two nearly perfect sons — Peter and Nathan — and are the proud grandparents of two fine young men, Dylan and Logan, and of little Emma Nicole.

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